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"Satan Pay My Rent!" is a rules-lite TTRPG where the rent is too damn high, and you have to make a deal with the devil to survive the extortions of your greedy landlord. Work alongside your roommates with the blessing of Satan to earn enough money to pay your rent before he drives you to do evil and claims your soul.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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this is a comment out of nowhere but hi, I think we grew up together. hello from Cal! found you while trolling through TTRPGs. 😁 if I have the wrong person then pardon me, carry on, I hope you have a great day!

Hey! I don't believe I know anyone by that name, so you probably have the wrong person, but it's possible I'm misremembering. Totally okay though, you have a great day as well!

I don’t quite understand how the dice rolling works. There’s nothing explaining how to know if you are successful. Is it a GM fudge factor or is the dice roll how much money you earn?

No worries, happy to clarify!

-The GM sets the target difficulty for success on a roll.

-The GM will award money as the players earn it.  Alternatively, the players may agree on an amount of money to be awarded on success of various tasks.


Ahhh gotcha. Thanks for that. Planning on running my husband and daughter through a scenario where they play themselves after I went missing, and since they couldn’t get life insurance since there’s no proof I died, they’re struggling to make ends meet. I took the dog with me but the cat becomes the conduit for Satan to speak to them. Should be a brilliant way to get them to finally role play together without arguing the entire session. :)

Oh my gosh, that sounds really wacky and I love it! I hope it goes well for you!


seems like a fun concept for a ttrpg, do you have a module that people can run, or will you force us landlords to use our imagination.


Hey, thanks for the interest! No module as of yet, but if there's sufficient demand for it, I'd consider creating one. On your own for the moment though!